The Wrong Kind of White Space

Startups now know world-class design is a prerequisite for success (good for us). And, the importance of design becomes even clearer when you look at valuations and performance of design-centric companies (they destroy their industry’s average). Just ask Jacqui Boland of Red Tricycle who said “design has gone from a ‘bonus’ or something you invest in once you raise money, to ‘table stakes.’ You’re not even in the game unless you have good design.

With that, you’ll hear a lot of startups talking about “clean”, “modern” and “minimal” design with plenty of “white space”. But the secret to truly great design lies in a different kind of white space—the distance between your startup and the status quo in the minds of your audience.

As a startup founder, you’re competing for your audience’s time and the products they’re currently using to fill that space. And whatever problem you’re solving for them, they’re either not bothering to solve it or they’re doing so in a way that’s less effective than what you’re offering. Either way, you’ve got to make them care enough about your product to disrupt the complacency of continuing to do what they’ve always done.

Achieving this isn’t easy. And it doesn’t come beautiful aesthetics or intuitive UI/UX alone. It comes from having a powerful brand that drives the design, creating meaning and resonating with your audience. World-class design isn’t just about looking great, it’s about making your audience feel something. It’s about presenting your product as not just another solution, but something more.


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